The KALENIĆ publishing house of the Diocese of Šumadija was named after the most important monastery in the Diocese of Šumadija and was founded in 1978 with the blessing of the then archbishop – Bishop of Šumadija Dr. Sava. During its five decades of existence and work, about 450 books have been published, many of which represent publishing endeavors, both within church journalism and on a national scale. With the blessing of His Eminence the Bishop of Šumadija, Mr. Jovan, the KALENIĆ Publishing House continued with extremely successful production during his archpastoral work, leaving a significant mark in our theological science.




Address: Kralja Aleksandra I Karadjordjevica 31 / a, 34000 Kragujevac

Phone: +381 34 333 827

Mobile: +381 69 4333 063


PIB: 102856016

Registration number: 17662767

USEFUL INFORMATION: Direct access from Njegoševa bb (GPS) to the end of the street, parking garage – 300m, possibility of parking in the nearby streets – SMS code 8340 , in the immediate vicinity there are city cultural and historical monuments ( First Kragujevac Gymnasium , National Museum , Joakim Vujić Theater ) (300 m), Express restaurant with ready meals (100 m) ) and pleasant cafes for a coffee break (200m).
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